new layout – new structure – new job


I am still contemplating to move my blog to wordpress. Not sure if that is really much better or not and I am just getting fully used to the blogger dashboard.

So I changed my layout for now. You might have noticed that I am back and blogging, e.g. I found more of a direction now on what I want to write about.

I re-labeled the blog “Volker’s blurb” as I do not only write about things about cb consulting but also on my job at WebCertain. My day time job is as a Business Development Manager there and I really enjoy it. We work on Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Management, Online PR and we do that for over 20 languages.

As a multilingual agency we also run our own summit: International Search Summit in May in London. This is very important to me because we are so unique that I see us being the leading multilingual search engine marketing agency. And from my work with one of the biggest Online Marketing shows worldwide, I have seen a lot of companies out there.

Linking to that work I might add some comments on SEO, PPC, Blogging and SEO (as I have done) and also will link some sites of interest. This is a fascinating topic! All of those are tagged as “SEM“.

I will also start blogging more about me and my thoughts and that will relate back to cb consulting again. As cb consulting’s website will be re-launched you might find more information on Marketing Strategies, more on Career Advise and much more on Spirituality. Please bear with me as I have much less time for all of that than anticipated.

Have a great Sunday.