New Life

Hello All,

Facebook – after publishing my new status “starting a new life, everyday now” I got a few requests about what I am up to?

No, I am not getting a divorce or change my job. Everything is fine and I am more than happy with both! However….there is always a BUT.

Really, the last 4 weeks with us moving into the new place, the job being more than busy and me having little time to un-wind, lead me to have a good think over the weekend. Never have I been so worn out, tired and exhausted for such a long time.

So, I will change my life, a bit everyday. Planning in some “me time”, “exercise”, “knowledge”, “fun”, “friends”, “family” etc. – just to consciously making life more live-able. Making sure I enjoy what I am doing and have the work life balance or life-life balance.

No rocket science really but I think that I haven’t really had time lately to focus on the nice things in life. And if I had the time I did not use it. So all I do is a re-cap and a more conscious living.

Thanks, Volker