New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year again!

May all your wishes come true….what about all the New Year Resolutions?

Sitting at a nice meal last night, my wife and I discussed that actually so many million people wish for a new start, e.g. to give up smoking today. Why is that?

Because it is a new year, a new start. From my point of view these new starts do not come from calendars. They come from within. Enhancing Performance from within! It is your yourself who decides when the new year/new life starts. So just because it is “fashionable” to do so because so many people try to give up smoking 2008, and because the number in the year adds ‘one’ to it, this is not “your point zero”.

I do not want to discourage you, just the opposite. But do not be disappointed if it does not work out to change your whole life today. Take it in little steps and coach yourself or be coached and find the right time for you – and when the time is right, celebrate your new year!

Lots of luck for that!
Volker Ballueder