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I was sold to Ocado. The ex investment bankers that gave up their job to improve the world. Right….

It says on their website:

“We believe that you should be able to enjoy first-class service without having to pay more for your shopping.

[…] the same outstanding quality, range of choice and service you’d expect in your favourite supermarket.

We bend over backwards to make our service extra-special, and you’ll quickly spot lots of thoughtful touches, like colour-coded delivery bags, text message delivery reminders and drivers that bring your shopping right to your kitchen table.”

Now we started shopping with Ocado about 8 weeks ago. Once I complained about the freshness but I believe I was wrong. Happens. One of our first deliveries was late but the driver called saying he will be there shortly. I was impressed. From the first moment I dealt with Ocado, things seem to be right. I got an i-calendar invite, so my delivery slot was added straight to my calendar.

About 2 weeks ago we didn’t get all the ordered articles. I tried phoning their hotline but no one answered. I tried a different number and it was dead. My subsequent email explaining we didn’t get two items and I would like to have a call was ignored. Not the items, e.g. I got a refund, but that I wanted to speak to someone.

Now, being a great social media geek, I thought I go on Twitter – no response. Not even when I re-tweeted other people that were unhappy.

One off, things happen. Or do they?

Last night our delivery was due between 8 and 9 pm. No call, no text message, no email. So at 9:15 I called the customer service. The line dropped 3 times until I got through. A lovely chap said very apologetic “the driver should have called you”. The driver then said “sorry, someone should have told you”.

Now that doesn’t help. You arrange diner and baby duties around your delivery time. It is Friday night and you don’t want to wait up for your shopping.

They could clearly track the van from the customer service line but they couldn’t let customers know they are running an hour late? Why not sending everyone a text message every twenty minutes once the delivery slot has passed to make people aware. Nothing like waiting for your groceries, particularly if you had diner guests (which I luckily didn’t).

I was hoping for an apology, or a follow up this morning. But nothing. I went on Twitter instead:

You can do your own search on Twitter for “ocadouk”. Or just “ocado” if you like. For a company that “bends backwards” and excels in customer service, there is no reply, word or statement on Twitter. Only mention is the bike ride some members do this weekend…

My wish is that from now on I get what I pay for: a company that let’s you know if they are running late and have all the groceries you ask for.

We are all human, we all make mistakes. But if I go out to the public with a bold statement that I deliver best customer service, and then I don’t, that is bad. Ignoring customer comments, probably just adds to it.

DM me if you like. I am not having much capacity at the moment, but maybe I should run a workshop on social media and customer service with you guys 😉

Looking forward to a comment or call. Whichever you like!

See you next week, hopefully in time with all the food 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ocado @ocadouk

  1. You must love contextual advertising through Google Adwords. I have Ocado ads all over my blog, offering me £15 off for my first shop.

    Let’s talk RTB targeting and exclusion pixel at another time… 🙂

  2. Hmm, I had no idea that this place is a grocery delivery company, actually I’ve never heard of ordering your groceries and having a driver bring them to your home. Is this standard in London and is it more expensive than heading to a local store? I love the action of using the social media, thus world is heading more and more in that direction.

  3. Yes, it is very common over here. Saves you at least 2 hours a week and the fee is minimal, e.g. Ocado only charges £6.99 a month if you sign up for a year. So that is good value for money.

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