#opsmarkets Admonster Event London February 2012

I wrote about the last London Admonster event before. So today I want to continue writing about the Admonsters February 2012 event in London which took place last week.

Note, whilst I am working for mexad, a DataXu company, this opinion is my own.

The event was set in East London and as always I got lost getting there. One of my feedback is to move the next event to W1 – Westend London. Bring it home 🙂

It started with Karim from nugg.ad speaking about predictive behavioural targeting. A great concept and idea of which I have seen little traction in the UK yet. However, I believe the data that is collected can be very valuable for both publishers and agencies alike, whilst an integration into DSPs and RTB platforms could potentially threaten other 3rd party data providers due to the high quality of the data.

Next up was Martin Kelley from Infectious Media. Potentially a competitor to mexad, whilst they are more direct client focused, the presentation was great. Not only did Martin explain and picked on the inefficient media planning and buying cycle at agencies which only slowly started to shift with RTB, but he also rightly stated that RTB is just another way of buying media. That means that we are at the forefront in display, and that video, mobile and TV will follow suit. With only 20-50 bidders worldwide, the algorithms are still key to making a campaign successful. He agree with our CEO Sacha Berlik about the need for changing and adaptable algorithms which are key to making different segments successful. Something DataXu is mastering – as the only DSP out there at the moment.

Richard Foam from the ABC was speaking about the “new IASH” which calls itself Digital Trading Standard Group (DTSG). I am personally very curious to see where IASH is going and how important it will be for the industry moving forward. As I don’t want to stir any controversy, I better don’t dig deeper into that topic.

Sacha’s presentation about mexad and European media buying was fantastic. Of course I would say that but it gave great insights into campaign performances and CPM prices on pan European campaigns. The secret sauce of mexad is simple: local offices, permanent manual optimisation, and communication with and within the local markets. Yes, that simple. A well trained, platform agnostic team that knows how to scale campaigns across DSPs. Just by opening local offices mexad saw massive performance increase in local campaigns. Sacha also pointed out that DataXu is currently the only DSP that adopts its algorithm according to verticals and past learning which is key to best performance for RTB platforms.

Unfortunately I then missed a few sessions, including the “leaders in the industry” session which I was quite keen on. Sorry guys.

The after lunch sessions are always a bit slow. However, I was hoping for more insights from Rubicon or the Guardian on how publishers utilising RTB, SSPs and managing their inventory. It seems, with credit to Ciaran from Exchangewire, as if some publishers build “PTD – publisher trading desks”, utilising multiple SSPs. I wonder if there will be a platform agnostic approach to SSPs one day, similar to the mexad model on the buying side. No, I am not looking for a job to work with publishers, but I love to see a further fragmentation of the industry…..or maybe not. I guess our eco system is complex enough, isn’t it?

Rob Webster from Mediacom did a great talk for AdOps guys. Whilst not down my line, it was a great insight into how agencies function, what needs to be done, and what the consequences of small mistakes might be. Rob is great in terms of his experience and it really shows when he is speaking passionately about this topic.

I have to say that the last three sessions: Pubmatic, IAB and the discussion on privacy law got a bit too much for me. Yes, I might have shut my eyes to concentrate harder, but it was very late in the day. The deadline for the ICO guidlines/legislation/self regulation of the 26th of May is looming, however we as an industry still haven’t found much of a consent how we want to address the privacy issues. It might just be a simple “opt out” approach via browsers. Or a general consent unless you opt-out via the famous opt-out logo.

Anyway, another great Admonsters event. Thanks for the organisers to put on this conference. I truly enjoyed it and the industry get together. Some more heated debates or insights into some of the stuff that is going on would have been nice. There was also a bit of video RTB or mobile RTB missing I found. Maybe next time we move a bit further from display into RTB buying in general, and the way the consumer is looking at media.

However, a fantastic event. Thanks again, and see you soon.

Best wishes,