Opus Movie

I read on MItch’s blog about the Opus Movie.

It is made by Joe Vitale, who is also behind the Secret Movie which is based on the Law of Attraction.

I am not sure if that is all I have to believe. E.g. I believe in 2,000,000 pounds in my bank account and they arrive. I do believe that but I would not “put money on it”, literally. However, what about health, partnerships, friendships. Can we just wish what we wish for and it comes true, because we set our mind to it.

If so, the theory of putting your mind to it and you gain what you are aiming for is not overly new, is it?

Anything you work hard for, your goal, your personal opinion of what you can achieve – I believe you will be able to achieve it, setting your mind to it and taking the baby steps towards it. Action it!

We write a lot about fulfilment and purpose of life at this Buddhist blog.

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