patience or what?

Over the last few weeks in my interviews I was asked for my greatest weakness. I keep saying “patience” just purely as for a sales person it could be a strength too. Maybe I should not admit it then?

As a sales person one doesn’t have to have attention to detail. One wants to get the sales. As a Business Development and Marketing person, I need to get everything right, everything needs to be perfect, as I am working on reputation and showing off. So where do I stand?

I definitely feel more comfortable in the marketing and business development role where I can concentrate on delivering the right message and getting people to be interested in our products and services. Being detailed oriented is very important. I even would consider myself being a perfectionist. And, I am good at that because focusing on marketing only you usually have less pressure on selling. Then again there is always pressure on selling. Whilst solely working in sales, it is all about the deal, not necessarily the details. That is why for complex proposals you always work in a team 🙂

However, when it comes to nitty gritty details I am not the best. Less so in a professional environment but more so at home. And, the older I get, the less I am bothered about how often I dust at home or whether we meet friends on Saturdays, Sundays or whether we spend £30 or £35 on a product. I cannot be bothered going through too much detail just to make a decision. Car insurance is good example. I just want to get things done.

The other day I had to buy car insurance and after filling in some details online, admittedly wrong, I called up the insurer (Admiral) and they said they cannot change it and cannot quote me the same premium as if I registered online over the phone. I had to do it over again. It drove me nuts to fill in everything again. Yes, those details just bother me these days.

I more and more understand a friend of mine who never knew how to use the washing machine at home and left it to his wife. Whilst I know how to use the washing machine, I see where he is coming from. Why do we need to know everything and anything when most of the time we don’t need to know?

I believe ironing is another one. Why trying to press the shirts to perfection if you put them on afterwards and within 20 minutes of wearing them they are slightly wrinkled again. Of course I still iron but I am less picky then I used to be.

So bottom line, maybe the weakness is not patience but the weakness is to bother about nitty gritty bits that are just NOT important. Such as car insurance etc. and things that need to be done but no one likes.

Guess I am just normal 🙂