Yes, before I go back to work, I need to raise a question.

I bought a pack of KP “Baked & Seasoned large peanuts”, sea salt & black pepper flavoured. Not too nice but nice enough for a hot afternoon in the office.

For years I noticed one thing about peanuts packs. If you hold the bag the right way around, e.g. that you can see the writing, then they pinpoint you to the upper right corner to open the pack. But, I never manage.

If I turn it upside down and try the upper left corner, e.g. diagonal across, I never had any problems opening a pack. Ergo, from my experience, I would say when they produce peanuts packs they must put them in upside down and back to front before a machine creates the opening, or the little cut that helps you opening it.

My question now: Why? What is your experience?