Perception – or what you like to see, feel or hear

Today’s post has nothing to do with a great revelation. It is purely that I was picking up on something and thought I express my thoughts here about people’s perception.

Everyone knows if people think that all “green tomatoes” are sour then there will never be a person that is actually saying “Yes, I try a green tomato because it might not be sour.” – therefore, there is the proof, all green tomatoes are sour. (For the NLP people I highlighted a few words in the last sentence.)

Now, we can take this into any context – racial discrimination would be most classical example. I am a member of a German fraternity – some of which are more political orientated whilst others are more religious orientated, whilst my group, the Corps, are very tolerant and personal development orientated.

With this example there are two ways you can approach any fraternity student, either as being religious or political involved. Which one would be the right one? As all tomatoes are green or in this case yellow, it must be one of the two. However, the simple example of prejudice and perception shows that there are more than yellow and green tomatoes out there and that those tomatoes, although being green or yellow could be of different taste, e.g. a religious orientated fraternity might be more catholic or more protestant orientated. And, it shows that my fraternity group is actually in the group of the red tomatoes, neither yellow or green, and that that there is no pattern you can apply to any of those colours/groups.

The reason for my thoughts today is that there are still “friends” out there that from my perspective and perception seem to look for a certain colour of tomato. And I find that, living in London where you find more than red, green and yellow tomatoes, this is a very wrong thing to do. I was discussing with a friend yesterday that it is a shame for people to see things just for the sake of “wanting to see things”. Having blinkers that just do not allow any lateral thinking or viewing of things.

So, before I get into a Sunday preaching mood I better let you go with those thoughts and my best wishes for you to try and stop at the next yellow tomato to find out whether it is sour. You might be positively surprised!