Personal Note

Dear Readers,

My apologies for not being more consistent in writing at the moment. Of course there are reasons to it.

Firstly, I do have little time. CB Consulting is my “private hobby/job”, meaning I have a main job for a living. Latter is about to change and in 1 weeks time. That is all exciting but also keeps me quite busy to get up to speed with things and sorting out my life.

However, I have not forgotten. I actually got in touch with a spiritual teacher so to speak. I have not called him yet but we emailed a few times and we touch base next week. This is very exciting as I hope to find more of myself and also hope for more input for the essay too. But, and what do Buddhist say, do what you think feels right – so I also want to learn to be better for others.

As you can see I am not lazy, I am honestly busy. Also had a great chance to catch up with a lot of friends this week.

Then, I think I mentioned that I read David Meerman Scott “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” – I have pretty much finished the book and I love it. Shows me why I love the industry of Online and Digital Marketing so much.

David (his blog is has a lot of tips I want to look at in order to push the profile of my blog. One of course is for me to write on other blogs – again that takes time but I promise it will happen.

– Blog Search Engine: – I joined them today. – the name reminds me of my German history. I asked for email reminders for my blog and see what happens. Need to explore that tool more. – not really sure if I want to subscribe to that. But I have to say, David really knows the web. Wonder if some pages just never made it across the pond ,-)

I guess that would be it for this Saturday morning. As my wife is not working this weekend I promised to spend some time with her.

Have a good weekend everyone and I surely will be back shortly.