Peter Maffay Videos on YouTube

Ok, ok – I posted a few videos lately.

Here come a few good ones from Peter Maffay, enjoy:

I have been listening to Peter Maffay for many many years. Must have been since I am about 10 years old or so. Similar as Reinhard Mey. Both were abandoned from the CD shelf when I was in puberty as they were not cool enough. They are now – again – very cool.

However, as my uncle said the other day, both of those get into the years and become more and more un-cool again. Best things they have done were in the 70ies. Just when I was born 🙁 Sad, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Peter Maffay Videos on YouTube

  1. Sage mal,
    hast Du zufaellig die Tabaluga CDs? Ich habe nur eine davon. Vielleicht koennten wir uns austauschen? Fuer die Kleinen….

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