Philips Shaver 8020

I finally made the transition to an electric shaver. Why? I have sensitive skin and my wet razor cut the skin. For that reason I got a Braun shaver a few years ago. But I hated it and thought the quality of shaving was very poor, so gave it back.

My brother recommended me the Philips Nivea Shaver 8020, a shaver that not only has 3 rotating heads that cut your hair from any direction, but you also get a balm coming out at the same time, making it a “half wet half dry” shaving experience.

Philips 8020 So after approximately 4 weeks, I am very pleased with my Philips. It gives me a reasonable clean shave but on my neck. However, this could be more me than the actual shaver, the hair is just softer there. It is a very smooth shave and I have little to no irritation of my skin. So the days of broken and bleeding skin seems to be over.

However, being used to a wet razor for many years, I believe that no dry shaver will ever shave as close. But, it shaves better in regards to practicality and sensitivity.

So overall my experience is very positive. However, the tache stays for a while. Maybe even until after September is over 😉 The long hair cutter on the shaver is a little useless.