Podcasting becomes more popular. Not only for my main work which focuses on optimising search engines, but also for me going to work and a lot of people out there who travel a lot and get less time to read as e.g. they have to focus on traffic, get travel sick reading etc.

So, I found some podcasts on Spirituality, got them from Eric Putkonen, whose website is http://www.awaken2life.org/. Quite interesting, tonight I listened to him saying that for him, meditation is to sit down on a busy day and let go. Not about enlightenment but purely to let go and relax in a busy and hectic environment. He does not even use breathing techniques as he likes to keep it as simple as possible.

I understand that and agree. Keep it simple – do not worry if you “mediate right or wrong” – as it is for you to understand and benefit from.

Eric’s website mentions in a quote that “we are all enlightened but some of us remember” – that gives me to think. Would that imply that we are actually all enlightened but the once who practise to find where the roots are, where we are coming from, who connect with their inner self, those are the ones that remember. So remembering is nothing else than connecting with your roots? That makes sense too.

I will write to Eric that I like his thoughts. Thanks Eric for making my journey tonight some valuable time for some valuable thoughts.

Have a good and peaceful night/day.