Productivity Of Life – Book Launch

Today I launched my book.

This of course is very exciting. Whilst I publish my blog for many years, putting a book together, going through the process of doing so, and putting it in the public domain is quite a scary yet exciting and pleasing process. I have done it.

Now I hope you will enjoy my book which I called “Productivity Of Life“.

The links go to the UK and US site of Amazon. You should be able to search for the title in your country’s Amazon Kindle shop and find it. If not, please give me a shout!

I had the idea in my head for a long time and was hoping to launch it sooner. The formatting was a bit complicated as I originally wrote it with Google Documents and then formatted it via Microsoft Word (I recommend you read the Kindle guidelines before attempting similar). For now I will leave it as an eBook.

Also I was wondering how I would price it. So I went for the minimum really to give it a value and to not give it away for free. And I do believe this book can add value to your life. However it is at a price point affordable to anyone – it costs less than a pint!

Please go to Amazon to download your version of Productivity Of Life.
I encourage you to leave a comment or a review. Let me know what you think.

Below a summary of my book. Delivered as a video.

From next week I will introduce each chapter in greater detail, again as a video. They will be shorter, I promise!