Book Recommendations

This page serves for recommendations from books that were mentioned on my podcast Stories of Success. Or generally I put anything worthwhile on here for you to browse. Some of those links might be affiliate links and I might earn commission on them. Thank you.

One of the best books for coaches I have read in a long time.

Book on leadership by Tim Spiker.

Probably one of the best books on mindfulness and its application I have read for a long time!

Csaba Toth book on Uncommon Sense.

One of my favourite books about motivation and life habits.

A fascinating book on great principles for management. A favourite of mine.

A must read on productivity!

A GTD add-on if you like, worth to go a bit deeper. Worth reading if you are into GTD.

Deep deep dive into the art of productivity. Master level if you ask me.

Full engagement at work and how to take breaks: work culture and how to be productive at work.

Be kind! Be an encourager!


Own it!


Discover your capabilities!


Sophie recommends this book highly.

Never got around reading it – not sure I personally need to.

Jim’s recommended book.

One of my first business development books. Tim Drake recommended it.

Another recommendation from Tim Drake

Tim Drake’s book we discussed

A classic!

Mentioned a lot on the podcast

Also mentioned a lot

Having read Richard’s biography I decided to tweet him!

Andrew MacAskill recommends this one

Another great recommendation from Andrew MacAskill

Andrew MacAskill’s recommendation

Paul Frampton and I spoke about this book and the time to think

Another one of Paul’s recommendations.

Paul recommends this book for us to change as leaders.

Claire Higgins recommends this book!

Karin Volo’s book on her experience.

Karin’s book Engage.

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky wrote this book on gut instinct.

Marek’s book about Africa.

One of many books by Lisa Ryan.

Tim Ferris recommended this one, and I recommended it a few times.

It is what it says on the title. Thanks Spencer!

Jana’s present to her clients for Christmas

Productivity Journal, recommended by Jana

One of the best books I have ever read – putting life in perspective.

As holocaust survivor on his life lessons. Very powerful.

This book is simple yet so very effective. A must read on success!

Thinking straight – information overload.

Mike is one of my podcast guests. This is his book about coaching strengths, quoted by other guests.

A classic on how to think rich! Spencer recommended this one.

Business book on why some companies succeed and other don’t.

Second book on why some companies succeed.

Mike Pegg suggested this book on smartness.

Hero’s Journey

One of Sophie’s favourite books

Tim’s book you must read and look at.

Tim’s classic.

Tim’s summary of his interviews.

Tim’s latest book on principles.

Suki Thompson recommends Simon’s books

Dale Lovell recommends this book

Another one of Dale’s recommendations

Dale also recommends this book

And another one of Dale’s recommendations

Dale’s book on native advertising

A book recommended by Dominic Powers

Lara Morgan’s book – her story of success.

The 100 Year Life – recommended by Lara Morgan.

Ana Milicevic recommends this book.

Chris Baldwin recommends this classic.

Another classic recommended by Chris.

Chris Baldwin is recommending this book too!

Stephen Gribben wrote this book. I highly recommend it.

Catherine B Roy wrote this book!

Manley Hopkinson’s book on compassionate leadership.

Barbara’s book.