I am very quiet at the moment, not really my way normally. Haven’t used twitter for a day and getting bored of Facebook too.

No, am not depressive, just the opposite. I tried explaining that a few months ago about going from one island to another. But my Buddhist friend who I write a blog with about Buddhism and Management said I should focus on settling down on one island and then explore that one. “You cannot be on the move all the time”. And, of course I am not. I am more than happy where I am but I have some thoughts about a new angle of personal development.

You remember about the Prince and the Magician? Exactly, the refocus, the idea of seeing things from a different angle. Not believing everything you see.

What is happening? To be honest – nothing has happened, I am still me and still happy where I am. But, I was thinking about more inner personal development, more about how to integrate Buddhism into my daily life and work. And, I am in the process of putting together a new theoretical approach to it. From Thursday I am planning to visit a new course that will last 6 weeks to see if new techniques will help to ease mind, body and spirit. Am very excited.

You can download my Island Theory on my personal development site of cb consulting. Have a peek if you see the truth in it and if it makes sense to you. Feel free to comment. Any feedback helps development!


My current ideas are around that theory. Based on a another theory that every 6 months you have a peak performance, or a non-peak performance respectively, I believe sitting on the island we can count on developing ourselves from within. Developing ourselves through refocus. Choosing a different way to work, a different path at night, a different way to spend time with your family or approaching your cats differently. You ever noticed the difference a difference can make?

By refocusing on what you are doing and how you are doing it, you will get out stronger, better and more focused. And, you will learn to appreciate moments new.

I believe it was a few weeks back that I read about someone who said: Volker, I noticed today on my way to work that there is a flower. And that flower smelled so nice. I just never smelled anything like that.

Although the flower has been there all along, it is the refocus and the way you appreciate your surroundings.

Off to another day. Very philosophical, I suppose.

Love and Kindness,