Saturday Blurb

Oh dear. What have I done all day??

I played with some plugins this morning and got a 404 🙁 Luckily my friend Gerda noticed it just in time for me to turn of the wrong 301 🙂

So really, my intentions today were to finalise my SEO settings for the blog but need to read and modify the plugin a little bit more. Got stuck trying to modify my background at my twitter profile. Didn’t really work either.

Guess I have to learn more about php, cms, abc and def 😉 For a non-techie I am not doing too badly, do I?

So, before I spend the next few hours trying to bring more content on this page, I rather stop, open a nice red wine, get dressed for tonight and spend a nice evening with my wife and another “expecting couple”.

We even bought our first diapers today, better getting used to spending money for diapers, wipes etc. before the little (big) one arrives.

Content to follow tomorrow, as a 301 😉