SES Hamburg – or two days in search!

Hello All,

Again it has been a while. Sorry. Been busy.

Monday / Tuesday I attended the SES, Search Engine Strategies, in Hamburg, Germany. It was good to re-connect to my friends in the industry, getting to know new people and working hard for 2 days on networking, German wheat beer and my presentation/moderation. I will publish my ppt on shortly.

Coming back from Hamburg meant to be back in the usual rat race in London. Full trains, late tubes, hot tubes and too much work. I am not complaining about the latter but at the moment it seems like it is not calming down for a while. With me just having moved, preparing a best man’s speech and a trip to Scotland as well as still unpacking boxes and trying to learn more technical details of SEO it is getting a bit much.

However, I am aiming that from next week and the week after I will have more time for my friends. L – listen, I did not forget you but I just did not have time. Sorry sorry sorry.

Trust you are all well, don’t get me wrong, am not complaining, just needing to calm down a bit and relax 🙂