Social Media Baby

Before I write more on the baby on Sunday, I thought I drop you guys a line of something that had mixed reactions: myself putting info about the progress of the birth on Facebook. Wow! Unthinkable.

Back in the days before we had mobile phones, internet or even smart mini computers, there was no way of informing anyone about the birth but getting to a phone box and having change. Things have come a long way.

Facebook and Twitter make it possible to do what I used to do in the navy: broadcasting. And they do more: they offer you, my friends and followers, to comment on what I write. Hence it is a communication tool, very simple.

As most of our friends (I sent a text to about 10 people tonight of whom I know they don’t use Facebook too often) are on Facebook, and we had mobile reception in the hospital, it was a good tool to keep people up to date. I didn’t speak about the gory stuff or anything, but just that we went into labour, that we are making progress, and of course I uploaded the first picture, tagging my wife. Once that was done, the picture was uploaded to my blog and the link sent on twitter for everyone who I am not connected with on Facebook. So everyone I knew then knew.

Everyone? Not everyone. There are still my parents who were disappointed that people on Facebook have seen more pictures of our newest addition quicker than them. Other people that seemed to expect a call from the delivery room. They almost felt left out. Same with some friends who didn’t find out until late because their phone number changed, or they aren’t on Facebook. That is the way it goes, time moves on.

But it also is scary of how willing we are to share information. Some people cannot see my status updates on Facebook, and we try to be as protective as possible. But we also enjoy sharing the love and fun, and joy of having a baby. Most comments were really supportive.

What did my wife think of all that? She liked the idea in general, but almost felt a bit under pressure to perform. Nothing I wanted to do or achieve. Just the opposite. Guess a birth is more private for a woman than a man, and of course I didn’t sit there updating Facebook, smoking cigars, and cheering whilst having a beer and some crisps, watching my wife giving birth. I tried to be selective but informative, as vague or undefined as possible but still wanted to share the love.

It is a struggle to balance social media. It is difficult as it will always involve a whole lot of people – hence it is social 😉 And is it wrong to look up the midwife’s facebook profile? You do want to know who you are dealing with? But that is the way it is. You might comment on someone’s picture, take a picture of a hippo, make a funny comment for some and an offending one for others. Where does balance strike. Is it wrong or right what I did?

In all honesty. I enjoyed the comments, the sharing and found it very “enjoyable” to do so. It was (hopefully) the last time in the situation. But I love sharing my life, and my experience. You are just reading about it.

So for anyone not understanding, please shout out in the comment box below. And, for my wife, I am sorry if I shared too many details or if you felt under pressure. I guess I just didn’t get the balance 100% right. Maybe next time…..

Have a good weekend,