@southernrailuk #railchallenge 2015

Ok, as most of you know I commute from Hassocks in West Sussex to London Victoria. I try to do that 3-4 times a week and work 1-2 days from home (or try to work from home as much as possible to avoid the commute).

If on average I have 3 journeys a week, this means 6 journeys, of which the morning journey is on average (!) delayed by 10 minutes. The evening one is between 5 and 15 minutes delayed. So on average I have a 20 minute delay a day, accounting for approximately 60 minutes a week, 1 hour.

In 2015, given we have 365 days, taken off weekends (104), holidays and working from home days, leaving me with approximately 200 days of commute. Given I am travelling, there are probably only about 150 journeys a year. Not too bad. However, if I am delayed 20 minutes on those (150 return journeys, 20 minutes for each return journey), I look at 3,000 minutes delays.

3000 minutes = 50 hours = 2.08 full days or one working week.

On Twitter, I just asked @Southerrailuk for a #railchallenge, asking whether they reimburse me my annual travel card, currently just over £3,700 (GBP) (!!) if I am delayed on average 20 minutes on 400 journeys (200 return journeys).

Maybe I am missing something in the Maths, yet either way, I am happy to agree on either a minute number on average or an average time of delay for each leg or for a return journey. Happy to discuss staggering it, e.g. bringing in tiers of reimbursement based on average 5, 10, 20 minutes delay?

Either way, given cancellations and recent delays, I cannot loose. It is a safe bet!!!

Now the question is, will @Southerrailuk be up for it or not?

Watch this space as I report about the #railchallenge 2015!