Spain pictures online

Just to let you know that the spain pictures are online at Picasa.

I am busy this weekend, having my parents for a visit. So here are my favourite pictures from  the album:

a) I liked the little old towns in Spain, like Segovia, with the little roads. Cannot think of the German word for “Gasse” but I am sure you see what I mean – Google translates it as “Gasse” 😉

b) Salamanca has one of the most famous (so was I told) squares. The plazas in Spain are great. They offer the opportunity for everyone to come together after the heat at night and have a few vinos and some nice food.

c) Astorga has a nice cathedral/church designed by Gaudi. Gaudi is very famous for his cathedral in Barcelona. Here is a link to Wikipedia from where you find more links if you are interested.

d) There were 3 Angels outside the Gaudi church in Astorga. I really liked their image.

e) Along our way we passed a village called Castrillo de los Polvazares which has been left in its original state. I found a video online from a group called Areaturistica. Information on Wikipedia seem to be only available in Spanish. There is a fantastic shot on Flickr. Amazing!

So anyone who can contribute some content to this in English, please comment!
I believe I read a sign on the roadside saying it either is or will be a World Heritage Site soon. However, looking at the Unesco Website I could only find the following sites that are named world heritage along our way:

f) Now, last but not least, a picture of myself 🙂 I admit the shorts just don’t go with the top but I did not wear that out like it was anyway…., or did I?

Have a great weekend!