Starbucks and the recession


After a very busy start in the year, I want to take a few minutes to give you my 5 cents on Starbucks.

In a recession people in general buy less coffee on the go and rather make their own at home or in the office. Particularly with Starbucks it saves them £1.65 per day, accounting to about £75 a month. That is quite a bit if you think about it. Special coffees are probably even dearer.

Now, with Starbucks closing more and more stores, they also do more marketing. As a registered Starbucks card user I got a letter in the mail with a wallet for my travel ticket and 50p vouchers, one for every day of January. That means, I got £15.50 free at Starbucks this month. Putting that into perspective, if I only buy weekdays, I save about 13% of my bill.

That was clever. Your travel card needs to come out of your pocket the moment you exit the train/tube in London and you get your instant reminder to your savings on the daily coffee.  So why not treat yourself. The letter going with the wallet btw. was rather cheap looking. I didn’t keep it but it was A5 on rather old looking paper and bad quality printing if I remember right.

Why do people still buy at Starbucks?

The coffee tastes the same everywhere! Exactly. It is the same principle as McDonalds, you walk into a shop anywhere in the world and the taste is the same.

Why do people stop buying Starbucks coffee?

Because it tastes the same everywhere! Exactly, people are fed up spending the last pennies they have, and this is particular true in a recession, on a product that might be to their taste but is just the “same old”. I even bought Starbucks coffee powder for the coffee machine in the office and…..yes, it tastes the same 🙂

So my conclusion is that people start buying less and less at Starbucks. Really because they don’t like to spend more money on something they can substitute at home or in the office. Also, they don’t want to spend their precious money on something that is the same everywhere, e.g. they rather buy at the local shop in support of local businesses and in support of their taste buds.

Will I personally continue to buy at Starbucks?

Yes, to a certain extend. Mainly because I am picky about my coffee and at Starbucks I know what I get. Even if it ain’t the best.

What about you?