Strategy – Revamp – New Orientation

Dear All,

The title suggests that I will take a break.

This is due to several reasons. For once I do not have enough time in the next few weeks to actually provide enough high-quality content in order to entertain my ‘fans’ enough. On the site I want to change the strategic direction of cb consulting a little.

Requests coming my way for more management consulting work and therefore the website will get a revamp and I will add more services to it. Therefore, to be kept up to date, please feel free to register for the cb consulting newsletter.

With Volker Ballueder’s continuing interest in spirituality and business this will be a big part of cb consulting and the break will give me some time to focus more on my essay and do a little more research.

So watch this space, I will send updates through on a irregular basis and be back soon. I plan to be no longer than Easter, that is the very latest date, with updates in between.

Any questions, please email me to volker(at)

Volker Ballueder