Sunday Colum (28)

This week started off with a lazy Monday bank holiday. It was great to have such a long weekend, however I went back to a rather busy week.

I am settling in well in my job now (I find anyway) and things are getting momentum. Before I know it, it’s Christmas. By the way Christmas, it feels like autumn already, getting colder everyday and very windy. And no grapes yet on our wine plants 🙁

My boy is now 3 months. It is amazing to think that it was only yesterday that he arrived and he has grown so much. We spend some great time together this week, so mummy could go to the hairdresser, go out etc. Very enjoyable.

However, now that he starts sleeping at night, I got a cold. Just when I thought I got my energy back, it went right down below normal due to the evil man-flu! man flu Hopefully it will be gone again soon. I spent most of the weekend drinking juice, whiskey, lemsip, and eating garlic & chili. Fingers crossed.

My efforts to live without wine are going well. I made up with a nice rounds of ales on Wednesday meeting friends. Also, I had a whiskey drinking session via the phone on Friday night with a good friend. So, I make up by swapping drinks 🙂

My moustache is growing too. My wife hates it but I love it. Not really but for charity it is all worthwhile. I don’t have any pictures, so maybe next week.

To be honest, this is it. Just a normal busy week with a bad bad cold and no sympathy 🙂

More next week.
Have a good one,