Sunday Column (1)

Hello Readers,

After a long weekend, or should I say I am still in it as I am off work tomorrow, I decided to write a Sunday Column. Just really a personal update, some thoughts and some ideas on life, work and anything I feel speaking/writing about.

Am I well? Yes, I think I am. Have been back to the gym, exaggerating it and feeling rather knackered for a week or so. Also, had two shows over the last 2 weeks which drained a lot of energy out of me. However, being off really helps and the blackberry is off and I haven’t checked my emails.

This weekend we went for a meal. I will write more in detail about it but I am still wondering about the horrendous prices for going out in the UK. With or without wine you hardly get away with less than £50, or if you really go for something fancy it easily adds up to £100 or more. So mark up prices in the UK are still the norm and sometimes I ask myself why to support it? Probably because I really fancy doing it and I (still) can. Once our little baby boy arrives we won’t be able to go out at all or not as often as we do now. Guess that is where the savings come from when you have a baby and pay for diapers/nappies.

My wife is nesting. She is painting the hall is not resting at all. Hansel, our ginger tom cat, got neutralised on Friday and today he got outside again. Lucky us! The cat litter started to smell already, wonder how we managed with two kittens for almost 5 months! Guess it starts all over again in June.

Living in London is a funny thing. After 5 years there are still things I need to get used to. Public transport is one, the other one is the permanent stress and buzz level. There are always people out there, always noise, always someone in your way. The tube is full, you are annoyed, had a stressful day and only want to get home. But too many people in my way.

Sure I pick up more things about London as we go along. Luckily we live outside London, 5 streets to be exact, and enjoy the quiet suburban live. I keep you updated as we go along, e.g. soon I want to start growing my own veggies and getting rid of the mould outside on the bottom of our outside kitchen wall. There are always things to do around the house.

What else is about London? Career – that really drove me “down” here in the first place. I could, if I wanted to, change my job tomorrow. Whilst it is not the aim of the game, but it allows for flexibility. Also, you can easily sell to people as all companies are down here too. E.g. you mix and match easier in a bigger, metropolitan city – that is true for business as well as private.

On that note maybe, in case you never been to London, don’t move here if you don’t have an accent 🙂 Because everyone seems to have one here and me with my mixture of Scottish, American, allegedly Irish and of course German twang I really don’t stick out too much, do I?

So, maybe that should be all for my first Sunday column. Guess it summarises my thoughts in general a bit and I will make sure to speak about more stuff next week. After a nice massage this afternoon, I will now cook a nice Cajun Garlic Chicken for my wife, with Spinach, Potatoes and Mushrooms. Yummy.

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