Sunday Column (101)

Hmm, a couple things are on my mind.
First of all the 2nd boy. Yupp, he still hasn’t appeared but if he doesn’t show up, he will be evicted on Wednesday. So you better watch this space. Not long now….

Another thing, whilst I of course joke about my wife’s bump, I also got a big belly. And, as I don’t want to sell advertising on it (as offline advertising doesn’t really work), I got a big gutt myself, and once “cost centre number 2” arrived, this is going to go. I do want to live healthy to see them grow up! I haven’t put a detailed plan together, but ever since boy number 1 arrived, it has been difficult to schedule in the time to exercise. So that is step 1: regular, 3x a week, exercise.

Work this week was far from un-busy. We started looking for a new office, and fingers crossed found one, and also started looking for more staff. More to be announced very shortly. We are confident, and the company is going from strength to strength. I cannot really disclose all the exciting factors, as this is a public blog, but be sure I do as and if I can 🙂

I still enjoy working, and the people I work with. A truly awesome company with an awesome boss (I say that because I am sure he will read this post ;-)). In all seriousness, things are going well.

But with so many plans, I cannot plan anything until….the wee man shows up. In the meantime, Cost Centre Number 1, aka Colin, discovered the snap shot function on my webcam, see below. I spend some good times with Colin this week and weekend. He is so much fun to hang out with, and I absolutely enjoy building his train, drawing pictures, and teaching him about the “Raupe Nimmersatt (the hungry caterpillar). He is learning more every day, and it is a great joy to watch.

And besides all the malaki this week of going to hospital, rushing for eventualities, high blood pressures, more advice, more doctors, more opinions, we are not further than a week ago really. Only knowing for sure there will be a date. So 2 more days of uncertainty, and we soon get our life back.

Keep you fingers crossed, we will post it here first 🙂 Just after Facebook and Twitter. The website is set up. And, we are ready whenever he is.

So overall life is good. A bit stressful, mainly because of the uncertainty, but once that is over, I hope we return to a nice routine. At least for a while. There are so many plans, ideas etc., I couldn’t even tell you. So we shall see what the future holds. For now we are happy in the hear and now and that is the main thing.

Anyway, I am off to finish the German breakfast, our new Sunday routine: daddy baking rolls in the morning, mum boiling the eggs, and the 3 of us (or 4 with the MIL) are having freshly baked rolls with eggs, mortadella, cheese, salami, orange juice and coffee.

Over and out, you will hear from me before the end of the week, no doubt!

Love and Kindness,