Sunday Column (102)

Ach well, I should say, the waiting is over. Rohan Wilhelm arrived safely, got home, and the small family is all well. It is fantastic to see how much people share their love and as you have seen over the last few days, discussing the methods of communicating about the new baby too. What kind of world are we living in?

I believe we have now informed everyone by text, phone and social media. More pictures will be uploaded shortly, and things will quieten down again. As my wife is breast feeding, my nights are not too disruptive, I only have to ignore the yelling. But surely this will change too 🙂

Colin is making a great big brother too. He is a bit protective towards Rohan if he comes too close to him, but we are only at day 3 of many. Over time he will be fantastic looking after his brother. He is just a bundle of joy. On Saturday we baked red wine cake and went shopping. We believe as long as you don’t neglect the older child things are going to be ok.

We had such an emotional week, or weeks I should say. The uncertainty, the not knowing what is happening next, being unsure whether the boy will be healthy etc. That is all gone now. The pressure and uncertainty is wearing off. The stress is falling off, and we can all relax and spend 2 weeks together as a close family. This is nice!

My work is done usually at night time or when the boys are asleep. Unfortunately there are still a few things I cannot let go from. I guess that is the price you pay. But I try to reduce my work to a bare minimum, just to stay on top of the important things. That is all I can do really! Besides of course my constant work under “cb consulting”, e.g. some theories and processes I work on, is still ongoing. I am loving it!

I wrote most of my thoughts already this week. Maybe another few personal ones.

Overall, looking back over the past few weeks and particularly the last few days, I am overwhelmed by the love giving to us. This starts with my MIL who is flat out ironing, doing the household, watching Colin and helping where she can. She is an absolute star. The other people are our neighbours. Despite having lots on their own plate, they managed to give us a great “care package” which contained food, drink and “love” for when we came home from hospital. It is fantastic to have such great neighbours. They also watched Colin in the past when we had to go hospital before.

We couldn’t have done any of that without any of the ones above. And of course everyone else who offered their help, helped in some way or just gave moral support to either myself when being stressed, or and mostly to my wife. We now continue to receive presents, more cards, more presents etc. We always hope that we are as generous with our friends as they are with us. And this doesn’t boil down to money but the sharing and loving you give to each other. That is what friendship and kindness is made of.

With those thoughts I wish you all a nice week. We are off. Off to our own family world for a week, trying to stay in this bubble as long as we can.

Love and Kindness,
Volker & family