Sunday Column (105)

Another Sunday, another week has gone past.

Monday was my wife’s birthday. So despite the rainy weather we went to London and I even managed to find my wife a wee present, a necklace from Satya Jewelry in Covent Garden. Very nice stuff they go there. Colin and Rohan both coped well going into London, and overall we had a fantastic day. We didn’t go to the transport museum as Colin was sleepy but hope to do that when Rohan’s godfather is visiting us in a few weeks time.

Tuesday was a busy day at work with our accountant being in. We managed to clear a lot of back logs and got a lot of work done. Sorting out processes, growing the company and managing things – I really enjoy what I am doing. The rest of the week wasn’t much different, and I enjoy our new staff and new “breeze” at work. We are busy to say the least.

On Thursday I went to visit the Data Economy Summit organised by the exchangewire – it was good to see that the industry is speaking about data, but I think we are far from a solution yet. Well done to the organisers though, but I think at the same time next year it will be a more interesting discussion.

The dominating thing at the moment in life is Rohan. Not because he is so new but because he wants to be fed and having attention at night times. Just when you think you have a routine and he doesn’t wake you in the deep sleeping phase, he does exactly that. Just when you think he will be ok because you have an important meeting the next day, you are up all night. I am not complaining but just wondering how my wife, and all mothers for that matter, are coping with the constant attention two babies/toddlers need. It is amazing, wonderful and utterly tiring 😉

Coffee – this needs to be mentioned. After my old coffee grinder broke, I got myself a new one. I was debating whether I should or not, but in the end I did it. And, I got myself a filter cone and paper filter for fresh ground filter coffee. They take too long to deliver but hopefully next week I should enjoy my first brew. I stocked up on some freshly ground espresso from my most favourite shop too: Drury. So my obsession with coffee continues for a while. Maybe or most probably because of the night shifts.

A last word about Colin. He is rebellious, throwing things and kicking his brother. It is tough to educate him and tell him what to do and what not to do. Some days he is great, some days he is awful. Luckily the good days succeed the bad days, and he kisses his brother and helps feeding him (or trying to). So weekends are less for relaxation these days but to be the family dad. I am still getting used to it.

Roll on another week, and another week without sleep 😉

Best Wishes,