Sunday Column (106)

Last week passed very quick, once again. Not only work but the short nights with the boys are taking there toll. It seems as if things happen in delirium, a kind of surreal feeling if that makes sense.

The highlight clearly was my trip to Iceland to a conference: Rimc. A detailed conference blog post to follow.

I have known my friend Kristjan from Iceland for some time and was glad to be invited to speak at his conference. Due to Rohan only being 4 weeks, I thought I had to fly back just after the conference, hence missed out on an amazing (so I heard) trip around Iceland. Hopefully next time.

My wife always wanted to travel to two countries for her whole life: Egypt and Iceland.
In 2006 I went to Egypt and only the night before I left she mentioned that “I would see the pyramids before she does”. And, yes, I totally forgot. When I travel for work, I focus on the job I have to do rather than things that need to be done outside the working environment.

Hence this time, after I once travelled to the South of France in December without shorts, I involved my wife to pick cloth to wear. I took her advice and thought I had it covered, until my boss mentioned the blue lagoon, and that I should go there. The blue lagoon didn’t ring a bell with me, so I asked my wife who of course knew about it. And so I went.

Based in between lava rocks, there is a lagoon with hot sulphur water. What an amazing experience. Thanks to my contact I got an invite to go and enjoyed it very much. Whilst the cold wind and minus 6 degrees cooled my head, my body was emerged in very warm water. You had the chance to get a “massage” under a waterfall or just chill sitting in one of the bays. Sitting in the hot water, seeing the snow fall to the ground and the fog covering your view beyond 10 meters was an extraordinary experience.

I then decided to go to the sauna, did my session there, cooled down by rubbing fresh snow on my body. That was great. Finally I understand why people in cold countries use saunas much more than anyone else.

Going to the hotel, I was just tired, relaxed and my body felt refreshed. However, I went into Reykjavik town centre which is small but nice. I got some souvenirs for my boys and my wife, and then eased my day out with some great networking.

Oh, that was Thursday 🙂 On Friday I was at the conference and flew back early Saturday. I had to leave the networking party where we saw the Northern Lights around 11 pm. The lights were amazing. The whole trip and Iceland, including the Icelanders, are amazing and very welcoming. My taxi left at 5 am and I was home for lunch. Better be helping the wife, but thank her that I was allowed to go after all. Next year, I hopefully will be back, then for the weekend, maybe even taking the wife 😉

It all went well, I am getting used to travelling again. And, on Saturday we looked at a new sofa for our living room, cleaned the house and sorted things out…just back to our normal routine…..

Have a good one, a full write up of the conference to follow.