Sunday Column (107)

This week showed once again how life plays with you. After coming back from Iceland, I managed to slowly catch up on sleep, get over it and go to work on Monday. Busy days, long days, few drinks, and little sleep made me very exhausted by Wednesday when life just hit us.

Rohan wasn’t right since the weekend, and Wednesday he had a temperature. Not a lot you might think, 38 degrees, but that might just be enough for a 5 week old. Instead of waiting for NHS24 to call us back, we went to hospital. Good that we did. Doctors never really tell you how worried they are but if they do every test on the planet and start to put antibiotics into your baby intravenously….then I have the feeling there is something not right. They don’t take chances with 5 week olds. They have to test it all.

Coming Thursday morning, I called in “sick” at work, e.g. I told them what was happening, that I only had about 2 hours sleep if that. Luckily I have a very caring company and a very understanding boss. I made sure to tell him too, it is fantastic that if there are family problems, you can count on your company. As the other way around, the company can always count on me. A silly comment but I think that is the way it goes. So I worked from home Thursday and Friday, whilst supervising Colin. I managed to sleep a bit as Rohan was away, and hopefully was more help to my wife at the weekend. Really, I slept 9 hours on Thursday night, after having a few glasses of vino and a great take away with the neighbours. They are great too!

Anyway, Friday morning I went back to the hospital and the difference was like night and day. No temperature, no messing about. Instead our good old Rohan drinking like there wasn’t a tomorrow, happy and chirpy. Babies just seem to catch things and shake them off again. Weird but wonderful. From one night with no sleep and thoughts of the worst case you go to a night of beauty, happiness and praise for modern medicine. We found a few things that might be wrong with him due to the 100 tests they did which means more doctor visits. But nothing overly serious. Fingers crossed.

Life is funny, isn’t it? From a relaxed Wednesday to a happy Friday with 9 hours sleep (in one night), a lot of scare and fright. All on top of your normal day and (work) load. Guess that is why you have kids, isn’t it? You know these things are hitting you. And they hit you when you least expect them, least need them. Just when you think no one is watching you enjoying life, it hits you. And you must love it. You must love your family to bounce back, to be the “man”, to be there for everyone. I hope I managed ok. I only cried twice.

Needless to say that the weekend was there to chill out. To recover, finalise nursing Rohan, giving Colin all the love he needs with mama being away….so hey, just another week I guess.

Roll on next week.

Have a good one,

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