Sunday Column (11)

Another week….another cold.

This week was another week “under influence” but instead of a boozy week I had a week of hell with the man flu. Luckily it wasn’t the swine flu, although sometimes I was looked at quite strangely sneezing in the tube. Or, sitting in the office 🙁 – no happy work colleagues. I also twisted my back but things are almost back to normal now….


Monday was bank holiday. We celebrated it with our neighbours with little to no alcohol and had fantastic food. Unfortunately, the weather was not nice enough to have a BBQ but it is only May.

Wednesday we had a scan of our little one and we found out that he had finally turned. Wow, he is getting ready to come out now and it won’t be long. A friend suggested the 28th of May, and she is the same one that knew my wife was pregnant before we did. So not long now!

Thursday and Friday I had great conversations about my new job. No, I have no new job yet and think it will take a while. I am in this “paddling” phase where I am looking at opportunities and possibilities and looking to see where I want to go and where to go to best. We shall see, but I have ideas…. Next week will hopefully be full of revelations. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

On Saturday I finally got some time to myself. Jen and I re-arranged the living room a bit and cleaned the house. Tidied up the garden and got some things done we haven’t been able to do all week. Not sure where the time goes but it does go quickly, that is for sure.


Today was a nice day. I managed to have a lazy morning with the FT and a nice breakfast, superb lunch and cooking an Indian as we speak. A relaxing glass of vino and a quiet night in. I managed to cat nap after our Sunday walk for an hour on the couch 😉 What a great day! Maybe I am getting set in my ways after all.

Have a good week, I expect it to be exciting!