Sunday Column (110)

Now first things first. I got myself another toy which I am using just now. Since I got a bit fed up with carrying my work laptop, I thought of a solution to have a device that can do almost everything my work laptop could do, and is not as big as my wife’s 17inch. So I got myself a netbook. Still being a big fan of physical keyboards and looking to have a machine that can work mainly in the clouds, I got myself the Samsung N145 which I might upgrade to 2 GB RAM but other than that it is a nifty little thing.

Of course I need to get used to the screen size, the small keyboard and that I cannot personalise anything on Windows Starter without using some tricks, but overall a nice little companion. With stunning up to 8 hours battery life I am confident I will love it. I got it Friday night, special delivery and have done quite a bit with it. Easier than starting up the laptop or sharing with my wife 😉

Other than that my week was dominated by our office move. mexad moved to 33 Newman Street, London. It was a difficult and exhausting two days. However, the weather helped to unwind in the pubs after work. Only drawback is that BT still hasn’t been able to activate our internet. Ridiculous, I must say.

Summer seems to be all around us. Colin loves to be in the garden, plays with the slide, a tunnel and his toys. We had to get him some summer cloths and he looks so cute in them. He really enjoys himself. To the extend that he also attempted to climb on my chest of drawers in the bed room, getting it to fall over including the 22 inch TV on top. Not a good idea. Luckily he didn’t get hurt but it was close. So the weekend was all about to “super childproof” our house.

Not much else has been happening. We wanted to visit our good friends and Colin’s god father Krupesh and his family in Winchester on Sunday. However, due to a really bad nappy rash Colin got on Saturday, we weren’t able to go. We had planned it for a long time and were really looking forward to it. Not nice to cancel but part of the game.

So we conclude a full on weekend and looking forward to a new week of work in a new office. Things are moving in the right direction. I at least like to think so!

Have a good one,