Sunday Column (114)

May started out nicely. A few things happening really. We chilled on the bank holiday Monday, knowing that I had to go back to a full week on. Little idea did I have.

Also, Osama Bin Laden got killed, and the news broke on twitter, see here for a great visualisation of how the news spread on twitter. Social Media rules once again 🙂

I believe it was the first time in many years that I went out every night of the week. 4 nights in a row. Tuesday I had diner and a few beers with our German analyst who was over visiting, then on Wednesday a great diner with a good friend, and on Thursday one of our suppliers invited me to their “influencer diner”. So work was full on, despite the average 9 hours during the day, making a lot of decisions, analysing a lot and making plans for the future. It was a fantastic week at mexad, and very productive. Onwards and Upwards.

On Friday my night was solely social, e.g. after a few beers with one of my staff, I joined my wife at a birthday party in the Tate Modern. Drinking champagne, watching the boats go by on the Thames and looking at St. Pauls at night was a great wind down to the weekend. Another one of those “London is awesome” moments.

I could only do all that because my Mother in Law has been in Beckenham. She is staying to see the grand kids, and she is fully involved. As she is now retired, we can tire her out whilst babysitting, then she can rest for a few weeks at home before she comes back again 😉 Great to have her around, although I hardly saw her all week.

On Saturday my wife and MIL went to town for some high tea and shopping. Bending plastic 😉 I think they had a great time. I myself watched the boys having a fantastic time. It shows me how much work it is, and how little other things than having to look after the 2 you can do. Having had time to sit down for 10 minutes was good. I have a lot of respect for any home stay mum, and it just reassures me that I wouldn’t have kids if that was me 😉 A thank you to my wife! I think she does a great job.

However, once in a while it is fantastic me having all day with the boys, playing with trains, then going to the garden, or just being silly. I can do that too 😉 We now need them to grow up so we can play basketball together.

Saturday finished with a nice diner in local Beckenham, a few drinkies, and an early night e.g. before midnight: just. And Sunday was chilling in the garden, sleeping in, bacon sandwiches, Homebase….and just making sure life is nicely ticking over.

Have a good week!