Sunday Column (117)

Another week which felt like it was over on Thursday. Not sure why that was, but – you might have guessed – being another busy week, I also spend a lot of time thinking.

This week, not like most other weeks, I was home early most nights. I went in early a few times for client breakfasts and sorting out a new bank account, but other than that I managed to have a balanced life. That is of course if you ignore time on the HTC and time spend having a glass of wine working on presentations on the couch ;-(

On Thursday I met a good friend. I have only known him for just over a year but we somewhat “clicked”, meaning we really get along well. He just got a new job, a good job. So well done mate.

Then I opened a new bank account with Metro Bank. They are the no frill bank which has no fees but superb customer service. We shall see 🙂 However, I needed a simple additional current account which doesn’t charge any fees and which allows me to put some money out of sight. So for now, exactly what I was looking for.

Now you might have noticed that a few things on my blog changed. I spend some time with Facebook and Twitter integration and already saw an uplift in a) traffic and b) adsense earning 🙂

Most of the family had a cold this week. For some reason it was me that has been spared for now. Not that I felt great but I am still overcoming the cold from Easter, now the new cold I believe just came and left unnoticed 🙁

The weekend weather has been poorly. However, I met with an old friend who showed me around the Beckenham Cricket ground. The first time ever that I even looked at Cricket, lol. I still don’t get the rules 100% but got a lot closer. I think anyway.

We then had a lovely birthday party of one of Colin’s friends. We are entering the time again of 2nd birthday parties, e.g. I remember too well how many first birthday parties we attended last year. Guess that is going to be a theme between May and August now :-0

Sunday was another lovely day with the family. I am enjoying more and more to just “hang out” with the boys and getting up to things. Like riding the train, going for walks or just playing with the train set.

This Sunday we took them to the Christmas Tree Farm. Not like the name suggests a farm of trees but a little park with lamas, goats, sheep, pony, cows, horses….just nice for the kids to see some animals, and just over 30 minutes drive from home. Perfect for a quick Sunday outing.

Unfortunately Rohan and Colin both seem to be a bit poorly this weekend, so we weren’t able to do as much as we wanted. The joys…

Luckily there is a bank holiday tomorrow. So another long weekend. With my booked holidays I am looking at three 4 day weeks 🙂 Happy days for me.

So watch this space, I am trying to put more content and thoughts up.

Cheers, and enjoy your first week of June….

Best, Volker