Sunday Column (120)

This week was unreal. With me being off for Colin’s 2nd birthday on Monday, I even forgot to check my work emails all day. That was fantastic. I spent a really good day with the family and truly enjoyed it. Much needed.

Overall, last weekend, spending time with the family, was fantastic. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much but I really did. The whole family being together. I start realising that family becomes more and more important in my life, and that my focus starts shifting, if slightly, towards a more family focused life. Who would have guessed? But how couldn’t it with such a great wife and two gorgeous boys 😉

Now on Tuesday my boss from Germany was over, and Wednesday/Thursday we spent in Brighton at a conference. It was not only a good conference, good networking, and good booze up but also great chats and new ideas. We shall see what comes out of this but I think it is going to be great.

Friday was just a quick catch up with work, getting on top of things, realising that most people I wanted to speak to were not available. Holiday season started. However, I managed to catch up with a good friend from my German fraternity who will move back to London soon.

So the main focus, and I almost feel guilty, was the weekend again. Time with the family, and time with kids. I really enjoy doing that.

These are the main developments. I found out about some interesting stuff, including school systems in the UK, and about some other possibilities. And, as always, it makes me think. No imminent or hasty decisions though, so not to worry 😉

And, for a long time, I managed to watch a movie again: The Expandables. Fantastic entertainment. Followed by a bit of Braveheart on freeview 🙂 What else can you wish for on a Saturday night?

Have a fantastic week, I will be blogging about social media once again, so hopefully you enjoy it. After my “social media rave” with Ocado I got a positive response from them this morning. So companies are reacting to social media, I remember when I was “arguing” with Vodafone or BT a while back. Maybe social is my real passion?!

Love and Kindness,