Sunday Column (122)

Oups. This week wasn’t real, was it? It just flew past. I honestly don’t remember Monday and the reason wasn’t the pints with friends at night; on Tuesday I got rained on and met a good friend over beers; Wednesday and Thursday I interviewed people, made it home late and didn’t see the kids for 2 days. Then Friday, I went to Leeds for two meetings and was back home by 1900.

This week I got a 500 GB hard drive, I played in the Euromillion twice as the jackpot has serious money in it (136 million on Friday), we got new nappies for Rohan (cloth nappies), I joined Google+ and that is really it. Is that all I have done?

I didn’t win in the lottery either πŸ™

No, most of the time this week I am stuck thinking. I think in English but noticed that my German accent really shows through at the moment and I couldn’t tell you why. I am off balance a bit. This is of course due to a very busy work week (and weekend funny enough), but also in my private life I am trying to get some things sorted. Not for sharing but there are a few too many ideas and thoughts buzzing around that make me quite pre-occupied. Then of course there is the weather – whilst I don’t want to complain living in the UK, I don’t understand why we cannot have a few days of the same weather, temperature and humidity. Ach well, as I said, I don’t want to complain.


Rohan develops fine at the moment, he decided to start sleeping from about 7 pm to 5 am getting us a few more hours of sleep and rest. This is very welcomed. His alertness is increasing and it starts being more fun with him – I remember when Colin was that age and I slowly got used to “being a dad”.

Colin is the same old. I haven’t seen him much this week but built him a few tracks before I went off to work. Allegedly he loved coming down in the morning seeing a whole train set being set up. Bless. And, he started calling me DADDY all the time. I love it.

Above the video is showing a miniature train at Swanley, a town just about 45 minutes drive from Beckenham. I liked it but the park wasn’t my thing. The train ride however was ace, both for Colin and myself πŸ™‚

That is it really. Busy days ahead.

Happy 4th of July to my American friends.