Sunday Column (127)

Another week. I thought up until Wednesday, that this week would be as non-stressful as last week but Thursday and Friday hit me hard. I think the holiday season is over. However, in the meantime I got a lot of work done, lots of admin, got some reading and webinar listening done too. So all good. I also discovered a new productivity tool Evernote 🙂

This summer is a funny one. Hot one day, rainy the next. My 30 day challenge not to drink is paying off. No bacon butties or ham & cheese croissants for breakfast, no cold sweat from lunchtime beers. It is weird not to drink but I noticed that I sleep so much deeper and better whilst I do fancy the relaxation a good glass of red brings with it on a Thursday or Friday night.

This week we found out that our old neighbour died at the age of 93. She was my first neighbour when I moved from Aberdeen to London, and she thought I was Scottish. When she found out that I was German, she got a bit funny. I later found out that she got bombed out three times in the war, was scared of Germans and her husband, being Canadian, served in the RAF. It took her some time to get used to me and by the time I moved away 18 months later we were good friends. That surely was also down to my (now) wife moving in, giving her a hand in the garden. She was a lovely old lady, left on her own by her family, lived in Beckenham, in Blandford Road, all her life. Bless her.

No one of us, particularly the ones with kids, hope to ever been abandoned by their children, to die alone. I am scared of it, but you never know what life puts ahead of you. At the moment I enjoy both boys very much and had a chance to bath and sort them both out on Thursday night. I don’t often get the chance, not that I ask for it too often as it is a lot of work, but on the odd occasion I enjoy it.

They are both in at a great stage. I think life could go on forever like that. Colin starts speaking, enjoys time with me, cuddling time with dad, and is so curious. Rohan just starts standing a bit and laughs all the time. Two so different characters but great personalities. As I stated on Facebook, I am very proud of them.

There weren’t any other highlights this week. I bought a few books, mainly personal development ones, I got geeky with my laptop and installed some Chrome apps & extensions, and we did a lot of thinking how we want to plan our life moving forward. But can you ever plan life?

This is a funny one, so I leave to philosophise about life for another time. I met an old mate again this weekend and his newborn son. We met with friends of Colin for a BBQ and caught up with lots of mums and dads.

How has life changed, ey? For the better of course, for the better 🙂

Have a good week,