Sunday Column (130)

We are staying in the UK – I guess that sums it up. After weeks and months or mulling over the possibilities of eventually moving to the USA or Australia, we decided to stay put. This has mainly to do with us wanting to bring the kids up closer to their grandparents. So London, or greater London, is a great compromise for a Scottish lassie and a German lad. Now we might look into moving further out of London, closer to a good secondary school, and into a bigger place. But there is no hurry of course. Finally we are going to settle.

Phew, as you can imagine there was quite a lot of thinking going on. I still consider an international career but that would be limited to travel rather than moving. At least for the time being and positions that might be coming up as far as we can judge it at the moment.

Work wise this week has seen an increase in meetings and longer hours at my desk. Slowly but surely we are moving towards Q4 and Christmas. I cannot wait. Our space is very exciting!

My 30 day challenge is coming to an end too. I actually start looking forward to a nice glass of vino. The wine shelf is stacked up. But before I might have a glass as early as tomorrow (I know it is the 29th but that is fine), I have to finish my fast.

On Thursday I had a great steak at Gaucho. Friday I only drank water, fruit juice on Saturday, and Sunday I slowly started eating a bit again. I haven’t done a fast in a long time but thought it might be a good thing to do at the end of an alcohol free month to properly cleanse myself. Result!

I also had a massage this weekend, and today we went to “my daddy cooks“. A while ago I filled in a request to join a live cooking session on Facebook (first time I have ever done that), and got tickets for the family to go. Colin has been a bit grumpy, but it was a good day out after all. We haven’t been to London with the family for a while.

Tomorrow my MIL will arrive. Actually I am looking quite forward to seeing her and her helping us with the kids. I suppose that supports our decision to stay in the UK. So it is all good.

This sums up a another week. Tomorrow is bank holiday, so extended family time. You need to get your priorities right 🙂

Have a good one, September is upon us.