Sunday Column (134)

My Sunday Column seems to gain on popularity. Clients and friends regularly comment on my thoughts. However, particularly this week I don’t really know where to start.

I attended the ATS London on Tuesday. I reported about it, and I am still buzzing with some thoughts. Also, I am about to finalise another opinion piece about RTB. This will be published hopefully in the next two weeks. As you can see I love being part of digital, and I love being part of RTB. Oh, and I love my job!

This week also saw me travelling to dmexco in Germany. I believe ad:tech has seen its days in Europe, as this was by far the best dmexco and international show I have seen in Europe for years. I don’t want to write a summary about the show, but I think the only one that could come close to it might be ad:tech San Francisco or New York for that matter. But ad:tech London doesn’t deliver the same value and content as dmexco. Also, to attend the conference at dmexco is free, and speakers are invited. ad:tech now charges some speakers for presenting and definitely charges for the conference. I could go on with my thoughts. However, I already shared a few with leading conferences in Europe, and hope to be able to share my knowledge with at least one of them for their European shows. Onwards and upwards, I am not doing shows and conferences any more. At least for the moment 🙂

Other news this week are those Facebook changes. I am not sure if I continue to enjoy using it. Facebook is becoming a portal, and I personally don’t mind sharing information and connect to friends, but don’t need all those added services. We shall see how things develop on that end.

The weekend made my wife and I think again what we want to do. As you know we now decided to stay in the UK, even stay in Beckenham after all. I met more and more people that like it here and praise the free and good schools. So this is still a possibility. We also looked into changing our mortgage but haven’t decided whether we wait until we are up for renewal next June or re-mortgage earlier. Rumours have it that the base rate will increase by 0.5% at the latest next April. So we still need to do some thinking, calculating and making decisions.

To update you on the car: the guys at Kwik Fit figured it was only the hand brake. So a £100 job rather than £1,500 for the wheel bearings or maybe £5000+ for the gear box. So overall we might get away with a few hundred pounds and the thought of whether it is feasible to keep the car. Sure, we will now keep it for another year and we probably have the same thoughts again then. We should get it back on Monday.

We also booked our holidays, looking forward to seeing the family. Another long drive, hoping the car will last. But why wouldn’t it? I guess I am just paranoid, as always.

That’s all folks for this week. Next week I have an important management meeting in Cologne. I am very much looking forward to it.

So long & stay well,