Sunday Column (136)

I believe last week was one of the busiest working weeks I had for a long time. I still notice it today and needed the weekend to really chill out. Not easy with the two wee ones, but I managed ok. It is a taster what life might be looking like for the upcoming month.

Also we had one more new starter this week (who is a keen reader of my blog 🙂 ) – it is fantastic to see how the office is growing. Exciting times ahead.

Finally our garage got us our car back. There is a new noise but they say it is ok. Guess we shall see over the next few days if they are right or wrong. After a 3 week ordeal I am certain to say that I won’t go back to Kwik Fit. I think I am going to try an independent garage around the corner for our MOT which is due at the end of the year.

I have been trying to work less at weekends. Saying that Rohan is just looking at me, playing with things on the carpet, whilst I write the blog. You sometimes wonder what 8 months old kiddies think. Do they remember anything or are they just “hanging about”?

Colin on the other hand loves the swing and the sea-saw. The slide of course still gets him excited too. Yesterday he started kicking a ball about and enjoyed playing on the basketball court. Maybe we get him to be more sportive than his parents after all?

I think I am still fighting some kind of virus. With the weather changing from 26 degrees to 12 degrees within four days I am not surprised. October and autumn are clearly here. Time to put the heating on, wrap up, gather the leaves and prepare for winter. I am looking a bit forward to winter, and some quality family time.

Guess this is all for the week. Nothing overly exciting. I went to a Hypnotherapy Event with Richard Bandler on Friday. It was good to see the founder of NLP to demonstrate hypnosis. However, looking at him just shows how old NLP is and that some people still think it is a “one size fits all” solution. It’s not.

Maybe a quick outlook to my decisions regarding tablet PCs. I think it is going to be the Sony S tablet: Android platform but I am waiting for the 3G version to be released at the end of the month….

Have a good one,