Sunday Column (14)

I am not sure why I label the columns, e.g. count the weeks. Who knows what it is good for. This week has been sunny. Whilst for some of your readers, e.g. Australia, this might not sound too uncommon, for the UK we had a pretty good week as far as the weather is concerned.

Monday was a very lazy bank holiday and Tuesday started with an interview. Wednesday was another interview and so was on Friday. So in total I had 3 interviews this week and have another 3 booked for next week and hope for follow ups from this week. Does that mean anything? Yes, I think it means that despite the recession there is work out there and that our industry, Online and Digital Marketing as well as Social Media, might be stagnating but not declining. So fewer jobs overall and more applicants per job. I just wrote two articles on careers in a recession for a new career blog I will tell you about soon!

For obvious reasons I cannot go into detail of any of the interviews but there are some very exciting opportunities out there!
Enough about my job hunt. My office mate found a job and left me this week, so well done Mr C.! So it is only me left in our London office which, as you know, closes the end of July. I am feeling a tat lonely but will cope.

Has anything else dominated my life this week? Food – I know my wife will now complain that I put food over baby, but we had lovely BBQs, lovely lunches and a lovely party last night. Very good self made Cazik/Tzatziki. If you see a cloud over Beckenham, you know where it is coming from 😉 Besides food, drinks appeared on the list of things I did this week. I went to “The Duke” which I will write about next week – a friend got lost too, but I’d rather keep that story for some other time!

Last, not least of course, we are in anticipation of Colin to arrive. Jen’s friend who said he would arrive on the 28th and then dreamt about it was wrong. Sorry G, we wish you had been right. Now, he could appear any day. Or not for another week. You never know and you cannot predict. You can see the little counter in the top right corner. Official date is Friday, 5th of June. But, he might be well overdue and not appear for another 2 weeks. Who knows.

So that is really our week. Anticipation about interviews and anticipation of arrival of baby. Two things that shouldn’t go together but they do. The world is what you do with it and how you approach it. Reading some NLP books again and need to write more about it. There is still so much to learn, explore and live for!

I might write a bit more about spirituality, thoughts on personal development and of course NLP later this week. So watch this space.

Have a successful and peaceful week,