Sunday Column (140)

What a week. Just back from my holidays things got busy at work. And at home for that matter as we all got a blimming cold (or man flu which is even worse). However, we managed to stay alive, the kids got better by the end of the week, and we got a final answer to our car. THE final answer.

I had a trip to Milan and returned late Friday.

When I went to Milano, Italy, I also travelled around a bit, including an amazing office with the biggest vertical garden in Europe. See picture. The architecture in Italy is amazing, people are great, and the online business is fantastico too. Just not as developed as in London for instance. But we are working on it very successfully.

Then THE CAR this week: our lovely Volvo XC90 with this amazing engine for this amazing price and the amazing expensive repairs which were partly unnecessary….had to be written off. At least from our end. When the garage eventually discovered that the gear box needed replacing, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to afford that. We still got a bit of money back for the unnecessary repair and the car but of course this wasn’t the end we had in mind.

What we learn: don’t trust the first garage you go to. Doves Volvo Croydon literally sold us the car knowing the gear box for that model came to an end. We had endless repairs last year. Our new Volvo garage now got us a good deal, a fantastic offer for repair (which we had to decline), and were really amazing. Thanks for that.

So if you want to buy a Volvo in England/London, please go and visit the guys from Parkside Volvo Orpington! Somehow I think I am going to be back there within the next 12 months 🙂

We haven’t been too lucky with cars. After I left Germany where I drove a Fiat machine (Punto I believe), I took over my brother’s Nissan Sunny in 2002, nicknamed the Messerschmidt in my bouncer days, which gave up after 14 (or even 16?) years. Bless. Then Molly, my wife’s old Corsa which packed in after 11 years I believe and we sold for small change. We then got a Nissan Primera which I drowned in the flood after 9 days on the road, then an Astra which was great until we had kids (space wise) and we got the Volvo XC90 last February.

We were hoping the XC90 would last for a while. At least until the kiddies were old enough for front facing car seats but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

For now we decided to try to live without a car but I am sure we must look into a people carrier or mini bus next year 🙂 We shall see. We managed shopping in Bromley today going by bus, so we can accommodate – so far anyway.

So that was the excitement of this week. At least we found closure. RIP big Volvo beast. We are going to miss you but maybe the new Volvo XC90 R is just what the family needs. It is supposed to come out shortly.

I guess this will be all for this week folks. The weekend was quiet – kind of. It was a mix of children and baby and adult parties. And public transport of course.

Have a great week!