Sunday Column (146)

A week today is Christmas Day. This year certainly passed quickly. But more about that next week.

This week I was thinking of warming up the crap I am hearing from Vodafone’s customer service but then thought that I get truly bored of incompetent companies’ customer service. But you already know that. Waitrose even didn’t reply to all the questions I asked them in an email but instead just focused on the first. What is wrong with those people? Or are my standards too high?

Enough. This week I was ill. I am still not 100% and have a few issues that are delicate to be resolved. I am loving my challenges lately. I enjoy my life. Actually I am happy.

So this week I want to talk about a very happy man: Postman Pat.

If you don’t know who he is, watch this video:

Postman Pat lives with his black and white cat in Greendale. Colin watches it all the time. Pat has a family, a wife that helps in the local community, a son that goes to school. They don’t have a dog, but other than that, they could just live in Beckeham.

They have this little house, maybe a 2 bedroom. Pat loves his job, enjoys going to work and being busy. He likes his breaks, his cup of teas, the banter. He is there to help, develop and jump in for anyone in the community.

Postman Pat, living in the little village seems untouchable from any economic crisis, price inflation, weather or Vodafone’s customer service. They live in their own little world, a small world, in which they are just very very happy with the situation they are. Like living in a bubble.

I am sometimes wondering if 2012 will find us the place were we can live in a bubble? A place to which I can come home to after my busy days and just go into a bubble where I don’t have to worry. Next year we have to make a decision on schools for the kids and where to live for probably the next 16-20 years. A scary and weird thought. But I hope it is going to be this place that is close enough to my work/London but remote enough for me to be happy in my little world where I can just be very very happy.

Have a great last week before Christmas.