Sunday Column (149)

Happy New Year again. My first proper Sunday Column of 2012. And what should I tell you. The year started a lot busier than anticipated. The break I had seems far away but was very revealing. I think that this year is going to bring a lot of change.

One change is around the corner but I cannot speak about it yet.

However, the other change I can speak about quite openly: we are planning to move. We are quite focused with our search and surprisingly spend all Saturday looking at places (towns that is). And, even more surprisingly, probably already made a decision on the town. Maybe we should look around more but maybe we should just go for this place. First thoughts but we believe it might be the right decision. We are going to sleep about it a few more nights, do some more research and then going to look for some actual properties. Scary thought to decide on a place for the next 18 years or longer 🙂

Anyway. The year started with every take away on the planet and probably close to the amount of booze as we had before and during Christmas. Not sure if it is the lack of light or what it is but we were lazy to say the least.

All that will change as I am determined to go back to the gym – that is when Rohan sleeps through the night. And, I am determined to eat healthy again. I even emptied my wine shelf, so it is a first to go into the 2nd week of the year with an empty wine shelf.

I believe 2012 is all about the balance too – work & family, diet & sports, friends & family. I went out on Thursday with a few mates and I haven’t had such a great laugh for a very long time.

On the other hand you all know how much I enjoy living and working. I also managed to spend one day in the office until 7 pm – things are back to normal and for some reason I have never believed you should change things just because it is a new year. Whatever you want to change, it is in your head. Reading a book about self hypnosis makes you think. That book opens your eyes of what is possible with your mind. Not sure if reading an MBA book at the same time is the best idea 😉

Anyway, before I drift off too much, I hope you all have a great 2nd week of the year.

Mine is going to be busy. Lots to talk about this week.

Best wishes,