Sunday Column (15)

Another week and a rainy weekend, at least most of Saturday and Saturday/Sunday night. Even some thunderstorm. Welcome to Britain.

At the time of me writing this blog entry there is no news from little Colin to come out. Jen had some acupuncture and we are hoping it speeds things up. We will have breaking news on this blog depending on the situation. Also, we will inform you via email and send first pictures. What an exciting but also stressful time!

This week was a busy interview week. With a flying start on Monday and 3 interviews on Thursday/Friday, I am now all interviewed out 🙂 I hope that one of the interviews I had will lead to a job. Again, I keep you posted on the developments.

We got our Lombok sideboard exchanged. It had a big crack in the top piece and they exchanged it quickly and without asking too many questions. Their customer service is just great. So is their furniture. Nice to see that companies don’t cut down on customer service.

Our friends’ Volker & Tini had their wedding this weekend and we hope they had better weather than us. Shame we could not make it, as we so would have loved to be there. But with the due date being a day before the wedding, this just was not an option. I don’t want to say “see you next time”, but surely see you at the next occasion soon. Enjoy your honeymoon!

I spent Saturday morning visiting our old neighbour and then went to Waitrose. Their 4 for 3 or 8 for 6 offer on wine is very tempting. So I got into the wine buying rush and got a few bottles, then went to Oddbins and stocked up on the great stuff even more. As a result I re-organised my wine cellar (under the stairs) and noticed that I have about 60 bottles laying around, some of which exceed the proud price of £10, some the £20 and a few….never mind. I just really like my good wines and hope I can enjoy them more often again when the wee man is here.

So, a lazy lazy weekend. No CV writing, no interview preparation. Just a waiting game and lots of thoughts on my mind. Even the cats were lazy. I don’t think they moved all day. Pah…..

Then again I was active today. Pictures to follow, but we spent a small fortune on garden plants and dug up the garden once again and planted so many plants. It will look all nice flowery and green soon that I cannot wait to share some pictures!

Also, on Twitter, I finally cracked the 500 followers. That is good going.

Lets pray for some nice weather next week, the arrival of our boy and me finding a job.

Love and Happiness from our wee, greener and more flowery, place,

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