Sunday Column (151)

Now this week was busy but good busy if that makes sense. Monday started with some really good news. It is good to get confirmation of something really nice. So life is good to us. Thanks.

I had a lot of discussions this week about challenges. As I wrote in several of my Buddhist Thoughts: you come across challenges in life that you need to resolve. If you resolve them you can move on. Sometimes you don’t get new challenges or things overall look like a challenge. Then one needs to decide whether one likes to solve the challenge here and now or somewhere else later. I guess that is just the way it is. I had a few conversations like that this week. For me, I always try to resolve issues first in the here and now. You might not get a chance to resolve them later, so go for it whilst you can. Soaring new heights where you are I suppose.

We humans are the only mammal that drinks milk after we grow out of a child’s age; and we drink milk of other mammals too. I am saying that because we are the only ones that think about the past and the future, and can make relation to each other. And I am saying that based on a discussion with one of my work colleagues this week. We are the only ones that can control our minds. We humans are quite fantastic really. I started listening to “Buddha’s Brain“, a book/audiobook looking at the science of Buddhism and the way we can shape our own thoughts for greater happiness, love, compassion, and wisdom.

Quite fascinating really if you think about it. So challenges as well as us humans controlling our mind shape our future, our thinking and ultimately our actions. And, we are in control. The latter is almost scary. A lot of work on ourselves can result in a lot of power and success. Now we are talking about a perfect state where I would like to be: a balance between the spiritual development, the career development, satisfaction at work and at home, work /life balance and constant challenges to develop. We can do it; let’s just balance it right.

I guess I am drifting a bit. But sometimes it is good to let your mind flow. Some discussions this week showed me that my filters for life are a lot different to other people’s filters of the world. You can agree, disagree and discuss. But sometimes you realise that you are too different. So finding common ground becomes more of a challenge. That is when we start at the beginning of this blog post again. However, I spend two great nights and a good lunch in the company of great minds that think alike….

There is not much I could complain about in life at the moment. Maybe that Colin goes through the phase of “not liking his daddy“. Maybe that we still haven’t sold the house or found a new one. Things take time. It seems we have found a car though. The kids teach me patience each day/night. Almost every day this week I got home at night thinking that I learned something and that things are moving in the right direction. A blessed feeling. A good feeling.

I am happy. Now I need to make more people happy. I am trying. I am trying hard.

Buddha bless, have a great week ahead.