Sunday Column (156)

It’s my wife’s birthday weekend. I am off until Wednesday, so a very long family weekend. I am loving it. Starting at the back of the week, we had friends over for curry and beers….way of celebrating the birthday 🙂

This week I got more positive feedback re my blog, Buddhist thoughts and coaching skills. Wow, I am getting a bit scared how many people read this blog, know me, and I might never find out. Just really nice to get acknowledgement. So thank you guys!

However, there were some sad moments this week too. A commuter died on the train I was on. We got delayed and I later found out that the ambulance that arrived couldn’t save the woman. I found that weird. Weird to think that you are just on your way home from work and for whatever reasons, it just hits you. Just like that. And your partner waits at home and you never get off the train. Isn’t that sad? Is that the life we are living?

Whilst not knowing the circumstances it makes me think what is important in life. I do that anyway. Having had the chance to spend more time with the family and kids lately, I can clearly see where my priority is sitting. Every minute I engage with the kids I gain more from it, and enjoy it more. And gaining is not so much about “personal gain” but that I enjoy the engagement and see how much they are me, and how much I can help them learn and grow up. I really want to be the best dad ever! I want to be good in anything I do, so becoming a great dad is on the list!

Whilst I sometimes regret that I didn’t enjoy the first few years of Colin, I just had to get used to things. Typical man I suppose. And I still enjoy travelling and being away as long as I make my time I spend with the boys worthwhile. And I will. And my boss is understanding to combine family with work. I don’t think I could be happier at the moment.

Just to chip in some more miserable thoughts, the Guardian published an article about the top 5 regrets of people dying. I would summarise it as “I should have spend more time with my family and friends instead of working my ass off and not focusing on happiness” – of course this only applies to people with a bad work life balance, and for people that don’t constantly reflect their life.

On Twitter we discussed whether you should act on it. If you feel like any of those things are true in your life, of course you should. If you don’t enjoy working hard, and get the reward, or if you think it interferes with your private life, then get on with it and change your life! Change your work for that matter. But anyone of us, and us refers to people like myself that want a career, know the trade off. And, as aforementioned, put priorities down. And I am still learning. And learning. And mastering. Slowly but surely. At this point in time I wouldn’t even consider any of those reasons as a regret. It is more about “not enough exercise”, “too much food”, and “being too excessive”.

Latter I suppose was true again this week. Not in regards to booze but more in regards to food. We took a few clients out for “media lunches”. Steak, more steak, lovely peanut butter shortcake, ox heart, sprats and dover sole. Wine, beers, and good company. Nice lunches, and good chats over lunch.

To stay with the theme, maybe I should quickly refer to Alastair Campbell’s Panorama episode this week. A fantastic 30 minutes about “the middle class” alcoholics. The ones that drink on a regular basis at home without giving it too much thought. Definitely worthwhile watching it on iplayer. It makes me think once again.

I suppose I came full circle tonight in my blog. Having more time this weekend made me reflect more. Two more days off. More time with the family. I will enjoy them.

Looking also at all of those topics above I realise that using NLP and coaching on myself I constantly benchmark what I want, how I want it and where I want to go. And whether life fits in with the greater goals in life. I am hoping to help a few more people with that in the next few weeks. You can make it all happen if you wish!

I wish you a great week. A safe week, a safe commute, not too much booze and some joy with your family and friends. Make it worth it.

Love and Happiness,