Sunday Column (16)

This week was a week of waiting. And it was worth waiting for!

My patience was stretched, far too stretched for my liking. But with the tube strike there were no more interviews this week and with the imminent arrival of our son, there was little scope to commit to any either. So they have been re-scheduled for next week, fingers crossed!

So this week was focused on one thing – BABY 🙂

And, he arrived, much much quicker than anticipated. On Friday, just after 3 pm in the afternoon, Colin Ballueder arrived. 3.7 kg heavy and 53 cm long – nothing compared to his dad who was 3.9 kg and 57 cm but that is a few years ago :-). He big shoes to fill, although his feet are rather out of proportion already (which of course he got from his mum).

To have a baby is difficult to describe. It still feels unreal although my wife is sitting over at the couch now and trying to feed him. It is overwhelming, nothing like you ever thought how it would happen. It all went very quick at the end and we didn’t expect him until earliest 6 pm but then he decided to come out much quicker. That was a relief for his mother. In total we “only” spend a little less than 19 hours prior to the birth in hospital – not too bad actually 😉 And, the “act of him coming out” was only around 30-45 minutes. The waiting is really the hardest part.

Colin has spent his first night at home and settled quite well. Some people call it attachment parenting, I call it comforting, and touching your baby. He wants to be held and hear you breathe, he wants to hear your heart beat.

So many people have emailed and called and send text messages. We are so grateful and thankful for his arrival and the amount of positive wishes for him, his mother and me.

If we look into history, then Colin was born on the same day as:

– John A. Roebling, bridge engineer (1806)
– Chick Corea, jazz pianist (1941)
– Egon Schiele, painter (1890)
– Anthony Eden, Earl of Avon, British statesman (1897)
– George H. W. Bush, president (1924)
– Harriet Martineau, writer and social crusader (1802)

Going by those people he could either be an engineer, artist, or politician. I still hope for basketball or rugby, but we shall see. It will be his decision one day to make up his mind what he wants to do.

Other things that happened on this day in time can be found at MSN Encarta. He is a Gemini as a star sign:

Geminis are thought to be quick-witted, intellectual, talkative, and mischievous. They value learning and may bore easily.

Oh dear, just the dad: talkative and mischievous 😉 and intellectual as well (of course).

Being rather exhausted, I leave it with this update for today. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I will have some interesting posts coming up next week about brain power and also about twitter. So stay tuned.

If you wish to see more pictures of Colin, please email us as we will have more personal ones protected in private album.

Thanks again for this great event, the wishes and the love.

Wish you all a nice week and myself a successful week.

Volker and family