Sunday Column (164)

This week passed very quickly. I was in Germany for the Exchangewire Ad Trading Conference. Those events are exhaustive. Not only do you hang around at the airport, then fly and then go out with folk from the industry, but you also don’t sleep long, don’t sleep well and cannot follow your normal routine. Particularly if you only just started running again 🙁

Having said that it was a gorgeous day and a great programme. I enjoy hanging around at those events. I met a few new people from ad server to software developers, and caught up with some friends I haven’t seen for a while. It was fantastic.

Being away is great. Time flies, you get to see new places. But you don’t get to see the family. You hear how the boys are missing you and not understanding that “if daddy is up there” he is in a plane and not in the room upstairs. My oldest was disappointed. On the contrary I have two long weekends coming up which is nice. Next week I am travelling and then probably three times in May before we hopefully move at the beginning of June. Fingers crossed. So the time I spend home is now more and more focused on the boys. We go swimming, play with train tracks and have a laugh with the farting monsters 🙂

Before I finish I wanted to mention a great online programme (recommended by a good friend): Early to Rise.

In a video series they describe how to have success in life. And, it shows one bit where they talk about building a network of friends, then to tell your network what you want to achieve, then eventually your dreams come true. Only the ones that really know you can help you to achieve excellence. Your mentors, your friends.

Enough for the day.

Another busy week ahead, going to Madrid. The MIL is coming to town too. Life is harder if you don’t have family close by and you aren’t around every night/morning.

Have a good one folks,
speak next week 🙂