Sunday Column (171)

Ok, this week was stressful. But before I speak about the move and all, let’s look at the Venus flying past the sun. I didn’t see it personally but my friend Mitch posted an awesome picture on Facebook:


After the Jubilee celebrations most people went back to work on Wednesday. I was still off, packing, and getting a new filling for one of my teeth. Not nice. On Thursday the removal van arrived. We then moved on Friday with a very smooth move. There were some hiccups like the guys packing Colin’s suitcase with essential toys but overall it went ok.

However, I found the move very stressful. According to Holmes and Rahe there are a lot more events which are more stressful than moving:

An LCU score over 300 = 80% chance of illness developing (I skipped a few):

Death of spouse 100
Divorce 73
Prison Term 63
Death of a close family member 63
Personal injury or illness 53
Marriage 50
Being Fired from work 47
Retirement 45
Change in health of family member 44
Pregnancy 40
Sexual difficulties 39
Addition of family member 39
Major business readjustment 39

Major changes in financial state 38
Death of a close friend 37
Changing to a different line of work 36
Mortgage or loan over £10,000 31
Major change in responsibilities at work 29
Children leaving home 29
Outstanding personal achievement 28
Spouse begins or stops work 26
Changes in living condition 25
Revision of personal habits (dress, manners, associations) 24
Trouble with boss 23
Change in work hours, conditions 20
Change in residence 20

Changes in school 20

Holmes and Rahe conducted subsequent research which was complemented by epidemiological studies that investigated the direct relationship between illness and stress.

I marked the ones I encountered before in bold. No wonder I got a lot more grey hair over the past years. As so often I believe if you enjoy working and the responsibility that comes with it, you won’t find some of the things that I highlighted as stressful. Nevertheless, an interesting study and conclusion on stressful life events. I somewhat miss flying on there, fear of spiders and generally paranoia / fear of “anything that could happen for the worse”. Maybe I am just paranoid 😉

Anyway, I am writing this post two days after the move and in all honesty I am absolutely shattered. The place we bought was in a worse state than we expected, and we had to do a lot of cleaning before we could start to unpack. Also, the last move was quicker settling in. And I wonder if that is because we now have two little helpers that unpack, want to be useful or just pick anything out of a box. The joys … and how do you explain to a three year old that you never go back to the only place he has ever known as “home”?


There are a few challenges, a few tears, desperation, shouting, organising, lack of sleep and frustration BUT we keep reminding ourselves that this is planned to be our home for at least as long as the boys go to school. So 20 to 30 years between them going uni and daddy to retire. Wow. So we can take baby steps to improve the place. Be patient.

Enough said. We are happy and that is all that matters. And we love the new place.

I keep it short this week. You saw the pictures and I am sure more will follow.

Have a good week. I will be cleaning and unpacking whilst you are working. A second week off. Yay 😉

Best wishes,